Starting Line’s “UNDERBONE CIRCUIT GRAND PRIX” will be the premier league and championship of motorcycle road racing currently divided into three distinct classes: 110cc, 125cc and 150 Open. Grand prix motorcycles are purpose-built racing machines that are neither available for general purchase nor can be legitimately ridden on public roads; this contrasts with the various production categories of racing, such as the Superbike World Championship (SBK), that feature modified versions of road-going motorcycles available to the public.


The 1st SLUGP - The 1st day was a great battle. The weather tried to dampen everyone's enthusiasm and thrill but was not able to jolt us a bit. I've chosen to see the positive side. There was more excitement in having to start with a wet race track and a lot of rain showers. Most riders made some mega overtaking maneuvers (on all the main expert riders,) which was very exhilarating to watch but thrilled the crap out of me when I was not busy being on my knees praying and crossing my fingers for the rain to stop and for a safe competition even with the weather condition. The lap time registered by all riders showed their oblivion to the raging wind and rain. It seemed they never understood the “slippery when wet” advice. They raced like there was no tomorrow. If there ever was an award for “highest crash slide counts”, it would be unanimously award-ed to GEMBOY YANSON - I counted 28 slides in every corner from his 1st lap of practice up to the finals – “he almost cleaned up the algae around the race track” - To boot it all up, we even got the fastest lap time on wet track condition at only 21.3 seconds to be exact.

List of winners
SM City Sept 26-27 '09

Scooter Open Category
1st - Lenard Villacanas - Team AJB
2nd - Anthony Chiu - Kamikuti
3rd - Jajah Mumbay - Zoo Racing
4th - Jr Macaya - Zoo Racing
5th - Joel De la Viña

Honda Exclusive Open Category
1st - Meljun Cordova - Powercycle
2nd - Paks Gimotea - Team AJB
3rd - Pingoy Punsalan - Sustagen
4th - Nonoy Mendoza - Kaskasira
5th - Lenard Villacanas - Team AJB

Underbone Open (100-150cc)
1st - Meljun Cordova - Powercycle
2nd - Nonoy Mendoza - Kaskasira
3rd - Paks Gimotea - Team AJB
4th - Jireh Ravina - Powerbike
5th - Bongbong Catoto - Sustagen

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